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Originally Posted by Reivas View Post
Front and center for Septic Flesh?
I was pretty much in the same exact spot, I was the guy with the long curly hair and the Septic Flesh shirt...
I think I was, like, two people to your right (to the right of the facepaint guy). I totally had to check returntothepit to find you. I've def seen you at shows. Heck, I've been beaten by your hair...

Originally Posted by Reivas View Post
Also, we didn't get Christians to the Lions, unfortunately. Everything else seems fine though. Didn't pay attention to DevilDriver, honestly I didn't see them able to follow Behemoth...that might just be me though, I've never really been a DevilDriver fan, haha.
Oops - fixed! And I can't argue with you on DD. I really like them, but I know they're not for everyone. I have to admit I was surprised that they followed Behemoth, too - but then again, I'm still reeling as to how Hatebreed could headline for Cannibal Corpse for an entire tour.

Originally Posted by Reivas View Post
Edit: Oh wait, we got LAM
When in the list?
blah/blah - shows. I go to them.
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