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DevilDriver -- Worcester, MA -- January 29th, 2010

So, this was the night where the Behemoth and DevilDriver tours combined. I had NO idea how the Palladium planned on fitting every band into one night, and was hoping like hell that no one’s sets were abridged.

They weren’t

Instead, the Palladium opened up the upstairs stage for some of the lesser known bands and left the main stage to, in this order, Thy Will Be Done, Goatwhore, Suffocation, Behemoth, and DevilDriver. I’m not 100% sure of the order upstairs, but I know that Lightning Swords of Death went on at 7ish and Septic Flesh at 8ish

Arrived late but in time for Goatwhore:

The All-Destroying
Provoking The Ritual Of Death
Blood Guilt Eucharist
Carving Out The Eyes Of God
Nocturnal Holocaust
Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult
In Legions, I Am Wars Of Wrath
Desolate Path To Apocalyptic Ruin
Apocalyptic Havoc

I, personally, thought they kicked ass. The audience seemed less sure, but it was early in the night. Carving out the Eyes of God was definitely a highlight, and Apocalyptic Havoc was apeshit insane.

I ran upstairs to get a good spot for Septic Flesh, and ended up catching the end of Lightning Swords of Death’s set. At first I had no idea what was going on – I’ve listened to LSoD, and wasn’t overly excited by them. Their stage presence is much better than their albums, and bassist Menno is a psycho. He did this nutty 2+ minute solo at the end which involved a lot of flailing around.

Unfortunately, I completely failed at getting a setlist. I’ll attempt it later.

Septic Flesh’s set started a little bit late, but I think that was due to Fotis having some issues setting up. I got a spot front and center.

Virtues of the Beast
We, The Gods
Lovecraft's Death

They were AMAZING. Just… gah! I hesitate to pick out a highlight, because every song blew my mind. You ALL need to see Anubis live, and Communion & Persepolis just kick ass. They even got the upstairs crowd moshing, and as far as I know no other upstairs band did that. (PS: getting whipped by dreds is far more fun than it should be)

I ran back downstairs and got a spot on the wall overlooking the pit / stage.


Ov Fire and the Void
Conquer All
As Above So Below
Slaves Shall Serve
At the Left Hand Ov God
Inferno Drum Solo
Alas, The Lord Is Upon Me
Decade Of Therion
Chant For Eschaton 2000

Behemoth = seizure-inducing powerful insanity. The pit almost never stopped, and at one point there was a circle pit in between songs “just because.” For most of the set, the audience was in a complete frenzy.

A lot of people left before DevilDriver, which was disappointing but not surprising. Unfortunately, I think that left a lot of fans that didn’t really know their stuff well, or were just plain exhausted from the rest of the night.


End of the Line
Before the Hangman's Noose
Pray for Villains
Back With A Vengeance
Clouds Over California
Fate Stepped In
Hold Back the Day
These Fighting Words
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
I Could Care Less
I've Been Sober
Meet the Wretched

I almost threw myself off of the wall during “Clouds Over Cali,” “I Could Care Less,” and “I’ve Been Sober.” Their performance was spot on. I forget who said it earlier, but I agree. John Boecklin is one of the most underrated drummers out there. For DevilDriver fans, this show was amazing – for others, though, it wasn’t a show that would have changed your mind.

As usual, I may or may not post photos if I find out that any of the ones I took were worth the effort.
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