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Pentagram -- Cleveland, OH -- January 28th, 2010

Best small-venue show I've seen in quite some time.

The Gates Of Slumber:

Mist In The Morning (intro)/Death Dealer
Ice Worm
Dweller In The Deep
Beneath The Eyes Of Mars
The Doom Of Aceldama
Blood & Thunder
Trapped In The Web


Wheel Of Fortune
Forever My Queen
Walk In The Blue Light
All Your Sins
Review Your Choices
Takin' No More (new song)
South of the Swamp (new song)
20 Buck Spin
Sign Of The Wolf
When The Screams Come

I'll do a description a little later maybe but fer now some one-liners:

Pentagram = EVIL

The Gates Of Slumber = HEAVY

Keelhaul = MATH

Midnight = SPEED

Argus = Pretty damn good in their own right...

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