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just got home dude! you beat me to the setlist but I have Septic Flesh's for you. They were fucking awesome. And Nergal seemed really pissed off when everything quit working, and he fucked up the mic stand too lol. But overall it was a great show, and the people with the bible told me they were trying to get it signed, but ended up just ripping it and throwing it everywhere. After everyone left the floor was just covered with ripped bible pages.

Here's Septic Flesh's set:

Behold...The Land of Promise (Intro)
Virtues of the Beast
We, The Gods
Lovecraft's Death

Idk if this was the first time on the tour they played Virtues..., but I was really fucking happy they did. I spoke to a couple members of the band afterwards, and they signed my Communion album. The guitarist said the new album is coming out in September. I can't wait.
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