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Originally Posted by Malevolent Mike View Post
So tell me, does 4th Arra of Dagon sound absolutely epic live?
YES!!! ...and thanks for providing the opportunity to point that out. So many people on here have been bitching that they don't understand why that song is in the setlist, and I'd wager that more than a few of those folks haven't heard it live. It absolutely slays at the end when the chant comes in - everybody at the Cleveland show was yelling and screaming and jamming their fists into the air - you would have thought we were all getting ready to storm the gates of Helms fucking Deep or something.

Some folks just have no damn patience for songs that are not balls-out fast from the very get-go...there is such a thing as build-up, you dirtbags. I'm guessing none of these folks is into post-metal, either. No Isis fans in that group.

Yeah, dude. 4th Arra of Dagon fucking slays live.

(EDIT: People also said Lethargica was gonna suck when Meshuggah started playing it live last year, and as it turns out, it was one of the best songs in their set, IMO.)
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