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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
This is the second reference I've seen to people doing yoga with Cynic at this show - that must have been interesting. What exactly did they have everybody doing? I'm sure you weren't all bent over on the floor on Downward Facing Dog pose or anything like that (or were you? ). I can just picture a bunch of metalheads standing there with one leg and both arms up in Tree pose or something...that would be hilarious.

Really? Were you there for Carcass last March? That was pretty packed. Nile had a pretty good crowd last week, too. I'm just curious how packed it actually was, considering that this was a Monday night show, and the lineup isn't one I would expect to result in a packed house.
Sadly I didnt go to either of those shows. Most of the fans there were BTBAM. My friend's friend said when he got there they said it was sold out but then they came out with 30 extra tickets and had to pay an extra 2 bucks for them. It was packed all the way to the bar and even around there was a lot of people
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