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The entire place looks like a mexican restaurant. It's all orange and green. When I went there for Testament (the 1st time) I carried my beers right onto the floor and no one stopped me. After drinking a few I had a guy tell me you couldn't drink down there but I went and got another and walked right down there. They are scared to death of the pit there. You could literally be fucking a girl in the pit and they wouldn't stop you. Everything you can't do upstairs you can do in the pit because they're literally scaared to go down there from what I saw. I saw tons of people taking video of Devildriver in the pit but someone taking still pics up top was told to stop. Just stupid shit.

I totally agree it's the best place to meet bands but it's because they allow smoking in the club. Half of Goatwhore and all of TWBD were in the smoking area the entire night. Towards the end it was a fog of smoke just to get through there. Still worth it but annoying that they don't have a better venelation system. I'll probably miss it when it's gone but if it's still here this time next year I'll be shocked.
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