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I didn't go to this show but I just wanted to comment on the current Jaxx situation.

Ever since the first time I saw a show at Jaxx (Candlemass in May 08) it has been my favorite club-sized venue. The staff, in my experience, is always relaxed and the rules are lax too, you can get right next to the bands because of the lack of photo pit and the super small and low stage, parking is free, and you don't have to deal with all the hassles of going into the city. Not to mention it's pretty easy to meet the bands there if you want to.

Unfortunately, all I've heard is bad things about the club since the renovation. I haven't been there since last May so I haven't seen it for myself yet. I have heard that the club looks dreadful now (something about it being all orange?), they've apparently stepped up the rules, and it just seems like the owners want to distance themselves from heavy metal in general. Something tells me this latin thing will be the death of the club as a metal venue. They've been on a decline for awhile now anyways IMO. They keep missing a bunch of good shows (ones that would fit the club perfectly). The upcoming Mayhem show is a perfect example, how the hell did the biggest hipster club in the DC-Baltimore area end up getting a legendary black metal band but Jaxx didn't?
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