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Oh maybe it was the guitarist Chris' 1st tour then. He said he wasn't on the 1st cd. Dude shreds though. I enjoyed his solos as much as anyones that night.

I met the owner and talked with him for a little bit. He's the Rod Stewart looking guy. He said it's become a latin club with metal shows basically, if I heard him right. Normally when a club does that it's the beginning of the end.... aka Thunderdome.

What sucks is how they treat the over 21 crowd. Having to only stand in that little area in the back to drink is idiotic. He said it's so people don't give drinks to underage kids but with so many drink nazis there why not just police it like other clubs do?

The sound there is good but other than that it's one of the worst places I've ever watched a show. In reality the concert hall isn't much bigger than Ottobar.
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