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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
1. Clutch- The Mob Goes Wild: This is the "Satisfaction" of our generation. Fact.
2. Children Of Bodom- Kissing The Shadows
3. Rush- One Little Victory
4. Mastodon- Mother Puncher (with apologies to The Last Baron)
5. Motorhead- In The Name Of Tragedy
6. Gamma Ray- From The Ashes
7. Cannibal Corpse- Evisceration Plague
8. Pantera- I'll Cast A Shadow
9. Overkill- Unholy
10. Nightwish- Crownless
11. Kreator- Enemy of God

Honorary mentions:


Exodus: War is My Shepherd- Perhaps the last truly excellent battle cry from the old guard of thrash.

Halford: Ressurection- The best Judas Priest song that wasn't written by Judas Priest.

Ozzy Osbourne: Facing Hell- I have to admit one of my guilty pleasures was 90's eurodisco, and I've heard many bands this decade try to incorporate it into metal, only to fail miserably (In Flames). THIS is how it should be done.

Heaven & Hell: Bible Black- It's a shame. After hearing this I was pumped to hear the rest of the album...and then I heard it. But that aside, this just might be the last truly great Black Sabbath song (yes it actually sounds like Sabbath, thank fuck!)

Children of Bodom: Angels Don't Kill- This is kind of cheating, but I have a statement to make with this one. We heard a lot of ballads from all genres this decade, and most of them blew...ass. Yea your supposed to open your soul and show emotion but you are supposed to kick ass while doing it. Bodom do just that here. This song plays out like a fucking symphony. I can almost picture them composing, not writing this song with tapes and books of Mozart and Beethoven lying around for inspiration- but then I remember they're a bunch of drunks.


Kiss: Modern Day Delilah- I've talked volumes of shit about Kiss these past few years, but when it came time to deliver the goods, fuckin A they delivered. I would have bought they album, if it didn't mean sacrificing my not-so hard earned dollars to Wal-Mart.

Sleater-Kinney: You're No Rock & Roll Fun- What? Don't look at me like that. This is the one song they have that doesn't make me think I'm listening to a cherokee hair tampon jingle.

Metallica: That Was Just Your Life- Most cry All Nightmare Long, but the so called "legendary" thrash break sounds like something Alexi Laiho could come up with on a warm sunny day. James was far capable of better. Plus that song had a stupid clean intro. Yea so does this one, but it's appropriate as it's at the beginning of the album.

Judas Priest: Judas Rising- I kinda swore off the album this came from as I was fucking annoyed with the songtitles peppered through out it. But I slowly got the urge to hear songs from this album again, and this one holds up the best.

Iron Maiden: Ghost of the Navigator- If I could only take one post 7th-son Maiden song onto my playlist, this would probably be the one.

Green Day: American Idiot- A NWOBHM staple that disguised itself as a pop-punk song and snuck it's way into top 40. It has a classic riff, is somewhat speedy, what else do you need?
This is probably the worst 11 songs i've read.
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