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I had a great time at this show. I just hate Jaxx as a venue. You can only drink in designated places and there are drink nazi's everywhere. The vote for pedro looking dude "guarding" the pit was priceless. They're video nazis there also. Stopping anyone in the drinking area from recording but too scared to go into the pit and stop those people.

They Will Be Done killed it. I gave them shit for spending too much time giving props to the other bands rather than playing another song though. They hung out all night meeting people are are very cool guys. This is their 1st tour ever and the guys said Jaxx gave them a $20 per diem so they had to choose to eat that day or drink that night. They chose to eat and were basically begging for beers. That really sucks. Jaxx gets beers for what .25 each and can't even give free beer to the bands?

Goatwhore were bad ass. The highlight of the night was Apocalyptic Havok by a mile but the song leading up to it was the lowlight. What a boring ass song live. I saw some girls leaving the room and grabbed them and told them the next song is going to kill but after 3 more snooze filled minutes they left and missed the highlight of the night. Maybe it's just me but Goatwhore's fast songs are incredible but their slower stuff is just boring and repetitious.

Devildriver were better than I expected. The girl I was with isn't into them at all and kept hounding me to leave so I caught about half of the set. It was the same as we've seen posted. Overall a great time hanging with TWBD and meeting the guys from Goatwhore. More chicks than I would have expected and a great ride home listening to local bands. If you get a chance to check out Beaten Back to Pure I highly recommend doing it. Incredible heavy Doom/Sludge from VA.
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