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Between the Buried and Me -- Cleveland, OH -- January 25th, 2010

Venue: Peabody's
Source: Me

All I can say is that was the best way to start the new year! If you have the opportunity to go to this tour, take advantage.

I arrived towards the end of Devin Townsend's set. From what I heard, he did some good stuff. I'm not too familiar with his DTP material. Cynic came on and played a great set. I would have liked to have heard a couple different selections, but since it was my first time seeing them, I was up for whatever. They even got the majority of the crowd to do yoga with them inbetween songs. Kinda weird, but funny and cool at the same time.

Nunc Fluens
The Space for This
Evolutionary Sleeper
Celestial Voyage
Wheels Within Wheels (apparently a song no one has heard)
Adam's Murmur
King of Those Who Know
Nunc Stans
Integral Birth

I've seen Between the Buried and Me once and they were in a supporting role. Seeing them as the headliner I knew was going to be was. Same setlist as the other shows.

Disease, Injury, Madness
More of Myself to Kill
Ants of the Sky
Swim to the Moon
White Walls

The crowd was absolutely nuts! I haven't seen a place destroyed like that in a while. Everything was spot on (as usual). Great night I just have to get my hearing back.
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