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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
I don't mind Holier Than Thou in a live show. Fast and heavy. And oh yeah NEM is always needed in the set. Trust me.

If people find reasons to complain even with this set, then thats just fuckin ridiculous.
I wasn't complaining at all. Holier is just so-so as far as i'm conserned but I can understand how it could rock live.

I know what you mean about NEM actaully needing to be in. Even though I think The Unforgiven would be better choice there. It would serve the same purpose as NEM does. When I saw them they also did Damage before NEM and it just gives the crowd a chance to calm down for a few before they do Sandman. If the crowd reaction at my show is any indication of the other shows on this tour only about a quarter of the audience really cared that they did NEM. So maybe it's time for it to take a break for a tour or two, which I don't think is gonna happen.
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