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Originally Posted by Fires Of Sedition View Post

Do you remember how much shirts and whatnot were?
I seem to remember Nile merch was on the expensive side - like $20 for most shirts, and $25 for the tour t-shirt. Hoodies were at least $35 or $40. Their CD's were only $12, though - I picked up the new one and got Karl to sign it for me (don't know if I mentioned that above or not).

The other bands' stuff was a bit less expensive - it seemed to decrease accordingly with their placement on the bill (i.e., Dreaming Dead's stuff was the cheapest). The only thing that was somewhat pricey on Dreaming Dead's merch table was their CD, which was $15 but which I still bought because I like them. Both Elizabeth and Laura (their touring guitarist) signed my CD for me.

So yeah, merch prices were average for a show like this. Even the Nile stuff wasn't out of line from what I would have expected.
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