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Originally Posted by Symbolic View Post
I mean I really like that they pay respect to their influencers, but they need some different ones by this point, we've all heard 'die die my darling' 'stone cold crazy' and 'last caress' into the ground.
Metallica needs to cut out the covers compeletly at this point. They have too many classic songs of their own to play now. The only cover they should do with any consistancy anymore is Am I Evil. Let's be honest that song is pretty much theirs at this point. They've given it more popularity and have played it way more live than Diamondhead(who?) ever did. When I first got KEA on cassette(around 1990 or so) I bought the copy that had Blitzkrieg and Am I Evil on it. Too me these two were never covers I always accepted them as Metallica originals, especially in the case of AIE.

If they wanna do something like WITJ, Astronomy or TSH ever so often that's cool but does anyone really care about these covers to begin with? The bands they cover were obscure when they were making new music and today most of these bands are even more irrelevant than they were 25-30 years ago.
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