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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
There were some nice circle pits (including one where there was a 15+ person pileup, which was amusing to watch cause it didn't seem like anyone could get up).
Omfg... I wish I had seen that ~cracks up~. I hope someone got some video footage!

Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
I didn't recognize #2 either, though, so I can't help ya there. It was awesome to finally hear "A Diamond for Disease" live.

Bought an Arsis t-shirt and a copy of "Starve for the Devil", which they have copies of at the merch stand though it's not out for another few weeks. Still haven't checked it out though.
I'm relatively confident that #2 came from "Starve for the Devil," hence our total inability to recall/identify it. I've only listened to the album once.
blah/blah - shows. I go to them.

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