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Arch Enemy -- Worcester, MA -- January 23rd, 2010

Hm… I thought by this time someone else would have posted the lists from last night. Oh well, here goes…

I had a spot on the rail for the whole show, so I can’t report on what the pit was like at all. Almost everyone that was up there managed to stay for the whole time, so I guess it couldn’t have been too insane.

Mutiny Within’s setlist blatantly yanked from KvltOvPersonality. I can only guarantee “Awake” and “Year of Affliction.”

Year Of Affliction

I didn’t know anything about Mutiny Within before the show, and spent most of their set thinking they were good, but not anything overly exciting. However, I seriously enjoyed “Year of Affliction.” I’m a huge sucker for tapping, and Dan and Brandon are quite talented at it. The last song kicked ass, too.


Forced To Rock
A Diamond For Disease
We Are The Nightmare
The Sadistic Movements Behind Bereavement Letters
The Promise Of Never
The Face Of My Innocence

I’m a big Arsis fan, but something about their performance was off. It could have been that the crowd didn’t seem to get them, and while some of the songs were played really really well, others sounded almost garbled (hence why I don't know #2). Granted, that could have been because I was up front where the sound is often messy, but I don’t know…

The guys from Arsis were apparently doing shots with people by the merch table for the rest of the night. I think I saw Nate and Nathaniel on my way out, but they were a little, erm, busy? (read: boobies)


Bonded By Blood
A Lesson In Violence
Children Of A Worthless God
War Is My Shepherd
Strike Of The Beast
The Toxic Waltz
Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Holy shyt, holy shyt, holy shyt. Exodus blew the fucking roof off. Say what you will about it being a repeat set, they didn’t care and the audience REALLY didn’t care. They were spot on the whole time, and it honestly felt like they were headlining. I will never NEVER get tired of hearing Children of a Worthless God and Deathamphetamine. Gary Holt handing me a pick afterwards was a nice touch.

We waited for what felt like forever for Arch Enemy, but that gave everyone a chance to chill out and fill their lungs with delicious smoke machine smoke. Seriously, Worcester? Did we really need that much?

Arch Enemy:

Intro (tape)
the Immortal
Revolution Begins
Taking Back My Soul
My Apocalypse
Silent Wars
Drum Solo
I Will Live Again
Dead Eyes See No Future
Blood On Your Hands
Bury Me An Angel
Chris guitar solo
Michael Guitar Solo
Dead Bury Their Dead
We Will Rise


Arch Enemy did not disappoint. They took everyone’s already over-stimulated ears and bodies, put us through the proverbial grinder, and ruined us for all future shows. Angela is vicious and the Amott brothers are amazingly seamless, not to ignore Daniel and Sharlee. Their set was the perfect level of intense and mellow, and I, for one, really enjoyed those solos as a reprieve from the chaos plus a chance to see the spotlight on someone else. Every song was better than the last.


Potential photos to come later, as I took about 100. I’m not yet sure if any of them were worth the energy spent to get them.
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