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Iron Maiden -- Columbia, MD -- June 29th, 2003

This was my 4th Maiden show and the 1st since the "Somewhere on Tour" show back in '87 at the Baltimore Civic Center. I purchased tickets as soon as I heard about the show as still managed to end up near the back of the pavilion (this was not a problem as you will see). It was only and a friend of mine and two guys from work that attended the show. We were to meet my co-workers at the show. I remember this evening pretty well, I raced home from work with enough time to change clothes and hit the road for the 30-minute ride to Merriweather. We blasted Maiden in the old Chevy S-10 all the way there. After parking and checking the time we headed for the beer stand. We had a couple of brews as the anticipation of seeing the boys live after so many years was growing at feverous pace. We decided to grab another brew and head to our seats. My co-workers hadn't arrived yet when Motorhead hit the stage. Lemmy comes out goes directly to the mic and states, "Hi were Motorhead and were going to kick your ass", and that is exactly what they did. I don't think I ever heard any band play so loud. In the middle of the second song my co-workers arrived and I turned around to introduce them to my buddy but he was gone. I hung out with my co-workers for Motorhead (which was amazing). Next up was DIO. Mid way through DIO's 3rd song I couldn't hold it anymore, I had to use the restroom. When I came out of the potty I bumped into my friend. I asked him where he went off to during Motorhead and he said don't worry about it, lets go back to our seats and watch the rest of DIO. DIO wrapped up his set and everyone in the pavilion started to head out for Beers and bathroom breaks. At this time my friend says to me letís go and we bolted down to the second row. He had managed to sneak down there during Motorhead and found to vacant seats in the 2nd row. I was feeling guilty and knew damn well that if someone approached us with the tickets stubs to them seats I would retreat back to my seats some fifty rows back. Next thing I know the lights go down and that famous voice comes on "Woe to you all earth and Sea...". At this point all the guilt was gone and I damn near lost my mind. We managed to stay in the seats for the entire show whiteout being bothered by anyone. This was truly my best Maiden experience ever. Maiden sounded really good and played some great songs.

Maiden's Set List (to the best of my memory)
The Number of the Beast
The Trooper
Die With Your Boots on
Hallowed Be Thy Name
22 Acacia Avenue Maiden did not play 22, thanks ADD
Wildest Dreams
The Wicker Man
The Clansman
The Clairvoyant
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden
Two Minutes to Midnight
Run to the Hills

Well thatís my first review, I hope (if you read it) you enjoyed it.

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