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Post Judas Priest -- Cincinnati, OH -- July 21st, 2009

Whitesnake setlist

01.Bad Boys
02.Fool For Your Lovin'
03.Love Ain't No Stranger
04.Slow an' Easy
05.Lay Down Your Love
06.Guitar Duel
07.Cryin' In The Rain (With Extended Drum Solo)
08.Is This Love
09.Gimmie All Your Love
10.Here I Go Again
11.Still Of The Night

Great performance by the band,David is amazing vocalist except a few times
he might have been lipsyncing but I couldn't notice.And it's kind of stupid that it's the 25th anniversary of "Slide It In Album" yet they didn't play "Slide It In"

Judas Priest set

01.Rapid Fire
02.Metal Gods
03.Breaking The Law
06.You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
07.Living After Midnight
08.The Rage
10.The Ripper
12.Hell Patrol
13.Victim Of Changes
14.Freewheel Burnin'
15.Diamonds & Rust
16.You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Amazing performance.I have seen Judas Priest twice (This was my second time) and I must say it was WAY better than last year,"British Steel" in its entirety was a great idea because it had the crowd favorites like "Metal Gods" and "Breaking The Law" and some deep cuts like "Steeler" and "Grinder" plus some earlier stuff (which I am a huge fan of) like "Diamonds & Rust", "The Ripper" and my favorite "Victim Of Changes" plus they did "Freewheel Burnin'" on the bike instead of the over-used bike song "Hell Bent For Leather".
AMAZING performance by the band,K.K. Downing and Rob Halford are GODS!!!!!Great show,great idea in playing "British Steel".I imagine they'll do all of "Screaming For Vengeance" in a few years time.Wish they would do all of "Sad Wings Of Destiny" though.

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