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Originally Posted by Bloodcurse View Post
I know this has NOTHING to do with the show, but my band is playing in Cleveland on March Bela Dubby.
Technically, you are playing in a suburb of Cleveland called Lakewood, which is where I grew up.

Believe it or not, I actually have plans that night already though. I am holding a poker tournament with some guys and gals from work. Too bad, because I know that area very well. There is a park one block east of Bela Dubby - and these are small blocks, mind could literally throw a baseball from the venue to the park - where there is a public swimming pool where I worked for five or six years in the summertime as a lifeguard and swim instructor.

I'll tell you right now where you have to get dinner...five blocks west of Bela Dubby, on Madison Avenue, there is a place called Angelo's Pizza. It is absolutely LEGENDARY. Trust me, dude - you have never had pizza this good in your life...I don't care where you're from. Hit them up for a house special, chicken club pizza, or just plain ol' sausage / pep - whatever turns you on. You won't be disappointed. Remember...Angelo's fucking orders of The Nat.

Oh, and there is a really awesome record store right across the street from Angelo's called My Mind's Eye, that has an awesome collection of vinyl, CD's, DVD's, whatever you want...almost entirely metal, hard-to-find stuff, used and new. It's owned and run by a friend of mine named Charlie - hit them up too, if you get a chance.


What kind of sound do you guys have, BTW? Any links?

^ Forget it - I just found Neldöreth's MySpace page...listening now...that shit sounds dope as hell, man! Nice! Love the sample from The Exorcist in the beginning of "Invert Christ". The vocals remind me of how Barney sounds on the new Napalm Death album...killer!!!

EDIT2: Whoa, fuck. Nice "Evil Dead" cover. Fuck yes. If you guys promise to rip that one out in March, I might try to bolt outta that poker game early...
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