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I personally wanted to hear The Seed ov I off the new record. That should have been in place of Alas, Lord is Upon Me. It sucks, because at the Philly show, we didn't get a drum solo OR Christians to the Lions. Very upsetting.

At The Left Hand... was cool, but I've seen it live many times before. Slaying the Prophets of Isa, Christgrinding, or KRIEGSPHILOSOPHIE would have been a better choice.

AND FOR FUCK SAKE, DO ANOTHER FUCKING SONG FROM ZOS KIA CULTUS. I love As Above So Below, but shit, man. There are SOOOOOO many better songs on that album.

I like LAM, but I didnt need to see it live. Maybe play something from Grom or Sventiveth. THAT would have been fucking sick.

tldr; set could have been better.
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