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Suffocation -- Milwaukee, WI -- January 19th, 2010

I came in about half way through Thy Will Be Done and they weren't bad, I don't know their setlist, but they jammed on Raining Blood for a few seconds.

Goatwhore were up next, and they really rocked. The crowd was freakishly tame during their set, but during the last song Ben told everyone to cause mass chaos, and the pit was ridiculous. I'm not 100% on the setlist but I'm pretty sure this is some of it...

The All-Destroying
Carving Out The Eyes Of God
Apocalyptic Havoc
In Legions, I Am Wars Of Wrath

Suffocation came out and destroyed, no surprise. The crowd was really weak during the first half of the set, but then they got really crazy. Some guy was being an asshole by me and almost got thrown out. Oh well. Here's the setlist, best one I've seen all tour.

Thrones Of Blood
Blood Oath
Habitual Infamy
Suspended In Tribulation
Bind Torture Kill
Pierced From Within
Cataclysmic Purification
Liege Of Inveracity
Infecting The Crypts

EDIT: Pics
5/30 - Cryptopsy
6/18 - Crowbar
7/8 - Slayer/King Diamond
8/4 - Alice in Chains
9/30 - Mark Knopfler

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