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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
I wouldn't exactly call an opening act for a club band legendary. Hell, I wouldn't call any club acts legendary unless they were at one time VERY popular such as Grand Funk Railroad, Styx, Foreigner, Kansas and quite a few others. But current bands who have never made it past the club scene sure are NOT legendary.
I wouldn't say if you don't make it past the club stage that you couldn't be considered legendary at all. Some bands are just not ever gonna be huge arena rock bands. That doesn't mean that the band won't make an impact on the music world and some how create something legendary either through their music or live performances. Not everyone has to know who an artist is.

There's plenty of other artists who are legedary for their accomplishments who've never gotten much passed the club/smaller arena stage. Dream Theater,Anthrax, Slayer, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate and The Misfits are just a few who come to mind. The list here can go on and on. Being a legend goes beyond weather or not they've sold out arenas before or have platinum selling records. It also has to do with a bands overall impact and influence on their specific genre. True, you can't call a band like Devildriver legendary YET but with only 4 albums it's too early to make that call. Who knows in ten or twelve years they could've have been a huge influence to the next generation of metal bands. Then even though they're only a "club band" they could be considered legends.

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