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Originally Posted by Symbolic View Post
Wasn't happy with the last setlist so i decided to make a new and improved version.

Encore 2:

30. Hallowed Be Thy Name
31. Run To The Hills
32. Running Free

forget what band you were making a list for?

and I don't really think I would want to hear James sing Bruce's vocals, especially slaughtering hallowed be thy name, or run to the hills. Bruce can barely hit the notes in run to the hills, there's no way in hell James could.

another thing, did you even try to clock that set?
I highly doubt they could play that long and even if they could, I love metallica, but I'm not sure I could take that much metallica at one time..

just sayin...

Of course Its my " Dream " Setlist . as for the Maiden covers, that was just more for a joke than anything (And Iron Maiden is my favourite band of all time so.... i wouldnt mind tallica playin a few maiden covers instead of the useal covers they play
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