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Originally Posted by little miss watain View Post
i got to talk to the one guitarist, laura, & she is not only quite charming, but a helluva shredder...
Originally Posted by Bloodcurse View Post
Yes, Laura is a sweetheart! I talked with her for about 20 mins last night. She also has a thrash band called Warface, plus she's in Meldrum.
Wait, I'm confused. Who is "Laura"? The lead singer / guitarist is Elizabeth Schall, formerly of Winterthrall and the Iron Maidens (all-female Maiden cover band). Dreaming Dead was called Manslaughter when they cut their first EP, then two band members left, the album "Within One" was recorded as a duo between Elizabeth and drummer Mike Caffell, and then they added female guitarist Leslie Medina and bassist Juan Ramirez to the band about a year ago to once again complete the lineup, and for touring purposes.

So you both probably talked to either Elizabeth (lead guitar / vocals), or Leslie (guitar, backing vocals <--- I think). Is that right?

EDIT: Forget it - I just looked up their bio on Metal Archives. They do have a live / touring guitarist named Laura Christine. I wonder what happened to Leslie? Oh well - you were both right. Elizabeth is the one I hope to meet, though!
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