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DevilDriver -- Denver, CO -- January 16th, 2010

Here's the setlist from DevilDriver on Saturday, January 16th @ The Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO. Opening bands were They Will Be Done, Goatwhore, Suffocation.

My friends and I arrived a little late to the show, missed Thy Will Be Done. Got in a little after Goatwhore started. Not familiar with their songs, but I thought they were the better of the two supporting acts I got to see. Pretty solid set, I might look into them a little further.

Suffocation was decent as well, not quite my cup of tea. I respect that they are legendary and very influential to death metal. Amazing musicians, but they didn't really leave a lasting impact on me. Compared to the last time I saw the Bound By The Road tour in '08 when Napalm Death, 36 Crazyfists and Invitro opened, I just didn't get as into the support bands.

Then DevilDriver! Before they started things off, they played "Cry Little Sister" over the PA (the song from the Lost Boys, the Gerard McMann and Michael Mainieri version and not the new Seasons After version). Not just a snippet, but the whole song. Decent way to kick things off going straight into End of the Line. Their set is as follows:

1. End of the Line
2. Before the Hangman's Noose
3. Pray for Villains
4. Back With A Vengeance
5. Clouds Over California
6. Fate Stepped In
7. Grinfucked
8. Hold Back the Day
9. These Fighting Words
10. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
11. I Could Care Less
12. I've Been Sober
13. Meet the Wretched

Which is the same set as the other two previous dates posted here on the site except no The Mountain AND no Cat Scratch Fever cover. Not sure why neither made it into the setlist. With no encore either. Maybe time was an issue and they were running a little behind. The show did end around 11:30, 11:45ish.

My friends and I are big fans of the first album, kinda bummed to see only two songs remaining in the setlist from that album. Still have yet to see them play Swinging The Dead in the 3 times I've seen them. I would've preferred to hear a DevilDriver rarity or cover then the Cry Little Sister intro (which would've been more epic if the Seasons After cover wasn't all over active rock radio right now). Bottom line comes down to me not being in the band so I get what they give me and I am glad to see them anytime I can.

It was a standard and solid DevilDriver show. Dez is a great frontman as he has been for years now. Someone told him to start a Wall of Death before Meet The Wretched and he replied "We don't do the Wall of Death, that's another band..." John Boecklin is one of the most underrated metal drummers out there today. Bassist Jon Miller looked like he was truly having fun up there, as the rest of the band did. This was my 3rd time catching them live and hopefully not my last. Not the most memorable DD show for me, but any DD performance is better then a lot of other bands out there.

(Sorry the review is pretty lengthy, I usually get beat to the punch on this site for Denver shows I go to. Had to soak it up and go in-depth)
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