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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
If you're talking about a band called "AFreudianSlip", I don't think anyone does know who those guys are... I'm pretty sure he meant that it's a freudian slip (it seems like a mistake) that a Christian band (Thy Will Be Done) is on tour with Suffocation and Goatwhore. Also, Thy Will Be Done make boring music IMO.
Yeah I would be surprised if anyone outside of MD had heard of them. AfreudianSlip, Burn The Fields & Anubis Unbound opened for every major act that came through here and none of them translated it into anything really.

My friend is interviewing Thy Will Be Done and Goatwhore next week and I told her to ask about the dichotomy of the bands. I'm curious what they say. I really like their new cd. It's better than Devildriver to me.
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