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Nile -- Baltimore, MD -- January 15th, 2010

Club Stage @ Sonar
first night of tour with Immolation, Krisiun, Dreaming Dead and locals Nightfire

KRISIUN (set tooooo short!!)

kings of killing
combustion inferno
vicious wrath
vengeance's revelation (???)
sentenced morning
hatred inherit


passion kill
swarm of terror
majesty and decay (title song from upcoming album)
burial ground
wolf among the flock
i feel nothing
the purge (new song from upcoming album)
no jesus no beast
world agony


sacrifice unto sebek
hittite dung ritual
serpent mask
execration text
papyrus containing...
4th arra of dagon
permitting the noble...
lashed to the slave stick
cast down the heretic
black seeds of vengeance
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