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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
are these from the two albums before patton.
Wow...I guess I'm randomly replying to these threads, even though I haven't been here in ages...slow day at work, I guess.


Absolute Zero-Is an AMAZING B-side from King For a was on an import Digging the Grave single, and now shows up on their latest Greatest Hits compilation...
Greenfields-Also a B-side from a different Digging the Grave was a cover that was originally done (I think) by The Brothers Four...
Mark Bowen, Why Do You Bother?-Yep...pre-Patton songs that Patton knocks out of the park live...both on their first album "We Care A Lot"
The Crab Song-Ditto...except it's on their second one "Introduce Yourself"...sounds very similar to Zombie Eaters, IMHO.

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