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1. The Real Thing
2. Land Of Sunshine
3. Last Cup Of Sorrow
4. Smaller And Smaller
5. Evidence
6. Caffeine
7. Kindergarten
8. Malpractice
9. Helpless
10. Midlife Crisis
11. Cuckoo For Caca
12. Star A.D. (don't ask me how )
13. Ricochet
14. Zombie Eaters
15. From Out Of Nowhere
16. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
17. Ashes To Ashes
18. Stripsearch
19. King For A Day
Crack Hitler
Absolute Zero
Surprise! You're Dead!

I'm not familiar with their old albums before Patton and if someone says I'm not a true FNM fan you can go fuck yourself cause I DON'T care a lot..

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