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well i always wear band tees, but not old ones from a few yrs back, unless i'm at a show of course then it doesn't matter. i always know a lot about whatever band tee i'm wearing. i'll never buy a band tee if i'm not into them or only like a few songs. just saying i shouldn't have to dress metal to prove i'm metal. i really have a life outside metal. i'm 18, i party, go out a lot, etc. most of my friends i hang out don't even listen to metal. i wear band tees when i go out but only if it looks new still or at least somewhat new. if you're going to be actually going out (not talking about just hanging out with friends, i mean actually going out) in old faded band tees from years back, it looks kind of lame and even sometimes isolates yourself from meeting new people, unless they're also metalheads. i don't know where i'm going with this but i really don't think you need to prove you're metal by how you look. as long as you know you're a metalhead at heart, that's all really matters IMO.
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