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Well I wear fucking tutus to shows and dance my way in with sparkles flying out of my ass. But that doesn't mean that I'm not metal.

Okay, that was stupid, but face it, there are a few metal "looks" that are going to classify you, and if you rebel against the stereotypes, you just might have to deal with the shit you get.

If you're not wearing a band or at least a black T-shirt (from the current show or not), then I'm going to assume that you're at your first show. If I come up to you and you don't know a damn thing about said T-shirt band's music, I am going to think you're a douchebag. To a lesser extent, if you have visible tattoos, I'm going to think you're more metal than I am (what I might think of your intelligence based on whatever said tat is is a different story). And, if you're either bald or have long hair, I'm also going to think that you're more metal than me.

That being said, I classify as few of the above, but I'm still more likely to think that the "Band shirted, tattooed, long-haired dude" is still more metal than the the opposite.

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