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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
haha I'm getting a lot of replies to my posts. Look, I was just generalizing about the 'teenagers only like metalcore/deathcore" comment. And as for the long hair, I don't think you have to long hair to be a real metalhead. I don't have long hair. I usually see a lot of long-haired guys at shows, though.

and I'm not trying to be a bitch about the pits or whatever. Violent pits are good. I'm just expressing my annoyance at most teenagers not picking others up.

I've got a quote for you from one of the kids at my school. He likes a couple metal bands, like Metallica, Mastodon, and Killswitch Engage. Anyways, today he was laughing at me for having fallen in the pit. Then when I told him people usually pick others up, he said:

"You're supposed to beat the crap out of somebody and leave him lying there."

I don't think he's ever been to a show, though.
agreed most teens in the pits are assholes. i always fuck with those kids in the pit if i see them being dicks.

and also agreed you don't need long hair or even need to look metal to be a metalhead. i'm 18, i have spiked hair, i'm sorta muscular, likes wearing fresh clothes, somewhat dark skinned, and people have viewed me as a poser thinking i know nothing about metal just cuz of my appearance which is fucking stupid. just 'cause i don't look like the average caucasian skinny or very fat metalhead with long brown hair with a very old band tee constantly talking about metal bands doesn't mean i'm not a metalhead. i'm a metalhead at heart even though i don't dress like it much anymore. if i see someone someone fall down in a pit i'll immediately pick them up. and i'm never looking to start any shit, unless a kid gives me shit i'll definently give them shit back.
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