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yeah it was a sick show, I figure I was standing right behind you in line, I was the fat guy with the semi-long hair. That first band absolutely sucked, the only good part of them was one of the guys that was with me knocked the singer on his ass when he was running around in the pit and the only reason they got cheers was because they were finished. I agree Apothys was fucking killer, imo they were better than LSOD how the fuck are they not signed by anyone. LSOD was ok, but i thought the vocalist was gonna stab someone with his gauntlet with the fucking straight up nails on it. This was my 2nd time seeing Septicflesh which could have had better sound but that wasn't thier fault and I wish they would have played Virtues of the Beast, I was not expecting the Wall of Death where I wound up falling on 4 people cause 1 guy fell on my ankles and knocked me over while 20 people fell like dominoes. Behemoth absolutely killed, it was my 3rd time seeing them, glad to see they changed the set up a little. Afterwards we talked with Nergal for a couple minutes, he told me that they are coming back in the fall and they have a DVD also coming out with 5 hours of stuff on it, just thought you all would like to know.
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