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Great show.

I agree the crowd was a little crazy but it was my 3rd time seeing them so I knew what to expect. I got punched in the face and almost fell multiple times but it wasn't that bad.

Of course, I missed Cynic because I had to work till 9 and got there right when they ended their set. Lame.

But BTBAM was worth it. Of course the new stuff sounded great and More of Myself to Kill was 10x better live, much like Shevanel Cut a Flip is on Colors Live. The production just kills the s/t for me so it was cool to hear that. Swim to the Moon was just epic and the highlight, followed by White Walls, so the combination of 2 long epic songs as the closers was great.

I got the Great Misdirect and a Cynic shirt. I just hope Cynic comes back soon so I can finally see them.
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