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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
*Update to those Interested*

On Tuesday we found our new singer. His name is Matt and he a phenomenal vocalist and writer. He has re-written the lyrics for our songs and made them 1000000x better.

All we need now is the right bassist. The bassist in the video was filling for us. His name is Jason and he is in the band American Gothic. He offered to learn our songs in an hour and a half before we went on stage and did a fantastic job. If it wasn't for American Gothic about to hit the studio and hit the US on tour, we would love to have him in Shattered, but there's no way we're going to hold him back from his own band.

We have 6 fully written songs:
The Walk Of Death
Eternal Burn
Souls Of The Damned
The Fury
Beyond The Fading Light

If to you it seems like it, it is because....YES. This album will be a concept album. Without spoiling anything, it will be a album about man dying and descending into Hell Where he fights to survive. Along with those songs, we have 3 more we are working on, including one I wrote myself (BTW I'm the drummer). And we'll be writing one more to complete a 10 song debut album. It will be Epic, Thrashy, Proggy and just plain METAL!!!

Thanks for checking out the videos so far and if you haven't yet, hit up our youtube and check out all 5 videos and let me know what you think!
Can't wait! Sounds awesome dude
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