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Behemoth -- Philadelphia, PA -- January 7th, 2010

January 7th, 2010: My first show of the year. First show of the decade. It's gonna be hard to beat. Each band that played were absolutely intense. I'm not sure if the first band, Woe, were a local band or a signed band, but they have some very interesting material. I definitely wouldn't mind finding their album and giving it a listen. The second band was Lightening Swords of Death, and for an American Black Metal group, they were pretty fucking good. Whoever their vocalist is, he's definitely one of the most commanding frontmen I've seen in an underground band. After them came Septicflesh. I got most of their set, the 2 songs I was missing were contributed by Kulamram. These guys definitely didn't disappoint, they put on a fantastic show, and if you haven't yet had the chance to see them, I'd change that.

We, the Gods
Lovecraft's Death

Most shows I see, I find that the opening act completely blows the main band off the stage. Such was not the case for this show. While the guy from LSOD may have been a very aggressive frontman, there is no other who can bring pure chaos to the room like Mr. Darski. He's like the drill sergeant that you're afraid to disobey for fear of death. A death slower and more agonizing than being bound, gagged, bagged, and hanged by your elbows, just to be drawn and quartered after a few hours of excruciating pain; and let me tell you, there were few and far between who didn't beckon that call. On top of that, an extreme low-end from Orion reminiscent of the blood curdling bellow of the huntsman he is named after, the intense blasts that have made Inferno more ferocious than the desolate one, himself, and a gut-wrenching performance from the lord of deserts, storms, darkness, and chaos, also known as Seth, have made this band something far greater and more powerful than a mortal can comprehend; and if you can still say that after seeing them for 5th/6th time (which I can and clearly have), you know that nothing will stand in the way of Behemoth's reign of fire.

Ov Fire and the Void
Conquer All
As Above So Below
Slaves Shall Serve
At the Left Hand ov God
Alas, Lord is Upon Me
Decade of Therion
Chant for Eschaton 2000


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