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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
An honest question: How do you find out about all of these bands? Do you belong to other message boards? Hear about them through word of mouth from friends? I've heard of maybe three of these bands (which probably isn't surprising to you, ha) and it seems like it would be fairly challenging to find new stuff in this genre.
It's a mixture of a few things.

-ProgPower USA Forum. It's basically a playground of people with musical tastes generally aligned with mine, especially delving into the more obscure stuff. A couple of these albums came as direct recommendations from that board (DGM, Mind Key, Edgend).

-Metal-Archives. The world of Prog/Power is really a huge family true, so it's not uncommon that I'll be on a MA page for a band I already like and will see members of that band were in another band, and discover them that way. This is especially true of singers. If I find a voice I like, I tend to follow that person through various projects. The obvious case of that here is "Vindictiv - Ground Zero", as all 3 singers on that album are people I like otherwise.

-I have a friend who is basically like a 39-year-old version of me, musically, who is an internet radio DJ and always finds out about absolutely everything about 2 weeks before anyone else I know. I don't see him that much but every like 2 months or so we'll get together for a night and he'll let me in on all the stuff he's been hearing, what I like, I get into myself.

-There's a couple of websites I go to order CDs and DVDs when I actually purchase stuff, and they will often have "New Release" or "Coming Soon" sections, which will usually display album covers, and a little blurb about it. If it seems intriguing, I'll head over to myspace and listen to a track.

That's basically it. Occasionally I just go by word of mouth of random people, but that's pretty much how I discover everything I listen to. Also, any time I listen to a band, if they release something new, checking out their new album is a given for me.
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