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I actually thought that American Solider was a decent album. Not an album of the year canidate in anyway but at least it was better than what they've been giving us since Q2K, which has been dreadful. I don't know of any band who went from being so good to so bad the way Queensryche has.

I wasn't that impressed with TDYK at first but it's one of those albums that needs a few spins for everything to start clicking with you. Give it a few more listens and see it anything changes.

Black Clouds & Silver Lining's is DT's best since 6DOIT. As good as it is I do think some of the songs run a little longer than they need to. The begining of BOT doesn't have to be as long and the intro and long middle part in TCOT I feel is really not needed and kinda drags down an otherwise excellent tune.
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