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Best opening bands:

Here I haven't considered bands who were direct support and played just before the headliners.

1. Lazarus A.D (Testament, Ensiferum, Vader) - Jun 11th, Nov 18th, Nov 29th
2. Volbeat (Metallica) - Dec 5th, Dec 10th
3. Mantic Ritual (Destruction, Pro Pain) - Mar 24th, Jul 11th
4. Warbringer (Kreator, Obituary, Vader) - May 1st, Sep 9th, Nov 29th
5. Alestorm (Eluveitie) - Nov 21st
6. Toxic Holocaust (Satyricon) - Oct 8th
7. Skeletonwitch (Children Of Bodom) - Oct 10th
8. Statius (Edguy, Eluveitie) - Sep 29th, Nov 21st
9. Holy Grail (3 Inches Of Blood) - Dec 1st
10.Cauldron (Municipal Waste) - Nov 19th
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