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25. Absu – Absu
This is good black metal right here (or “mythological” whatever the hell you wanna call it), and is also the bands first album in quite awhile. Proscriptors vocals and the hammering blast beats create a lot of intensity, and some songs are epic, while others are quite technical.

24. Obscura – Cosmogenesis
This is a pretty unique “modern” tech death album. The guitarists in this band have got the right ideas as far as technicality goes, and it’s not technical to the point that it’s annoying either. The fact that they used a fretless bass is just great all on its own, and the clean, electronic sounding vocals add to the songs.

23. Devin Townsend Project – Ki
The first DTP album, Ki is the mellow one of the series. Sure it’s soft, but it’s still interesting and entertaining enough to listen to it all the time. Devin really shines through with his unique ideas too, take “Trainfire” for example. He sounds like Elvis. There are actually some heavy moments on the album too, such as on “Gato” and “Heaven Send”.

22. Slayer – World Painted Blood
A lot of you guys on here might not like this album, but I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s defininitely their best album since 1994’s Divine Intervention, so I have no problem with it. It’s way better than the three since then. I think it sounds almost like a combination of Reign in Blood and Seasons In the Abyss. Some of the songs could fit in on South of Heaven or Seasons easily.

21. Obituary – Darkest Day
Obituary’s newest is heavy, sludgy, groovy, and thrashy all at once. John Tardy’s vocals are fierce as ever, and the rest of the band is just as tight. Obituary is sticking to what they’ve always done, and it turned out pretty good.
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