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I was at this gig too! It was Awsome! Scorpians were good! better than I expected as i had only herd a few tracks from them and was surprised that they got an encore cos I've never seen an support act get an encore before. My Mate did point out that it didn't say on the ticket "Judas Priest plus Support" It said "Judas priest, The Scorpians", so it was like a co headliner thing I guess?

Priest were awsome! me n my mate went looking for someone when the lights went out so we ended up running back to the hall in time to see the eye with its lazer! was a cool opening! Set list was awsome! I knew most of the stuff by only owning 3 or 4 priset albums and Halfords live album I got the jist of it! "Judas is Rising", "breaking the law", "Living After Midnight", "hellbent for Leather" and "You've got another thing coming" were my faves of the night! was hoping they would play "united" cos they had the backdrop but it was closing in on 11pm and I thinks that the SECC curfew!

Really enjoyed myself! Top Gig! can't wait for the next priest tour!!!
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