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30. Clutch – Strange Cousins From the West
First off just let me say that the packaging that this album came in is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Very creative indeed. But onto the album, I think it’s a great listen. The album contains 11 rockin’, blues influenced, dirty sounding heavy metal songs. The riffs are all bluesy and groovy, with Neil Fallon’s awesome vocals on top of it all. His voice is filled with emotion and intensity. So in all, whenever I’m not really in the mood for something heavy, but something interesting and fun, with a touch of metal, this is one of the albums I would put on.

29. Shadows Fall – Retribution
I used to listen to Shadows Fall whenever I was first getting into metal, but my love for them faded pretty quickly. I had no intention of buying or hearing the album until a friend burnt it for me. I figured I’d give it a listen and I have to say that I was very impressed. In my opinion this is the strongest thing they’ve ever released. With Retribution they seem to be moving away from the metalcore sound a little bit and seem to be heading towards a more thrash metal feel, which is good if you ask me. Of course there are still songs that I’m not into, but songs like “My Demise”, “King of Nothing”, and “The Taste of Fear” keep me interested. I hope they continue in this direction in the future.

28. Isis – Wavering Radiant
I have to admit that this one took a little bit of time for it to grow on me. I am not familiar with Isis but I heard good things about this so I picked it up. It’s a very interesting and unique. A lot of the riffs are creative as well, and the vocalist has a great voice. I’m going to assume that this band has better albums, so I’m definitely going to check them out in the future because they sure are original and talented, but I couldn’t get into this one as much as I would’ve like to.

27. Chimaira – The Infection
At first whenever I heard this I hated it and I never wanted to listen to it. But whenever I came around to making this list it hit me how much better this album is than I thought it was. Sure they have more breakdowns than before, and Mark Hunters trying some deeper vocal techniques, (I hate deathcore so those two things are probably what turned me off to begin with), but in the end it’s just really heavy groove metal. Like on their other albums, the closing instrumental is beautiful, and songs like “On Broken Glass” and “Secrets of the Dead” are crushing.

26. Suffocation – Blood Oath
Blood Oath starts off with thundering bass drums and punishing guitars. Really that’s what the whole album is: Heavy as fuck. Frank Mullen just sounds like a beast and Mike Smith’s drumming is spot on. There are plenty of insane riffs, and crazy solos. But despite all these good things, it’s not always the best thing to be listening to. Sometimes I lose track of the album and get bored with it, but in the end it’s still a great death metal album. I don’t think it’s as good as their previous album but these songs will be great in a live setting.
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