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34. Dope – No Regrets
We’ll start off with the worst album that found its way into my collection from 2009. I mainly bought it just because I would be seeing them with BLS a couple weeks later. I by no means think that it is a bad album; I just don’t really listen to this kind of music. But what really impressed me about this album is that there are a lot more metal influences on this than any other Dope album I’ve heard has had, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

33. Five Finger Death Punch – War is the Answer
I’m not going to lie, whenever The Way of the Fist was first out, I thought it was a great album. I’ve seen them live twice and they put on a great show. But after this album came out and I bought it and listened to it, I realized that one of two things was apparent: Either this band really never was that good, or they were just a “one album band”. And really I think it’s a bit of both. But I do believe that there is hope for this band if some of the members could mature as musicians and lyricists and they stop trying to make mainstream sounding, popular songs. The album isn’t that bad, it’s just repetitive and somewhat cheesy.

32. Divine Heresy – Bringer of Plagues
Divine Heresy’s second album isn’t that bad. Some songs are heavy as hell while others just aren’t that good. I like the new vocalist more than the old guy, he’s got quite a range. While some of the songs are crushing and great (Facebreaker, The Battle of J. Casey, The End Begins), some just don’t do the job. The “ballad” on the album, Darkness Embedded, is different than the rest, but I think it’s a nice change. Also like the last album, Tim Yeung’s drumming is incredible. But unfortunately Dino’s newest release isn’t quite getting the job done, I’m just waiting for the new Fear Factory.

31. God Dethroned – Passiondale
This album is quite a disappointment to me. The theme is awesome (The WWI battle of Paschendale), and the lyrics really paint a good picture of whats going on, but the songs all kind of lack variety. Most of them are just your typical melodic death (I’m not sure ifthat’s what everyone else thinks they sound like, I’m new to them, so don’t jump on me about that) songs. “Under a Darkening Sky”, “Poison Fog”, and “Passiondale” all stand out the most to me though.

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