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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
Worst Ten Live Bands (for those that care lol)

9. Cynic – Opening for DragonForce – 4/15
Yeah, I got a lot of shit for not liking their performance but they should have been better. There music was pretty good technical but nothing too exciting. What really turned me off to this bad was that they were stiffs on stage. They put no effort to put on at least somewhat of a show. I have never seen a band that looked that uncomfortable on stage before in my life!

7. Unearth – Opening for Trivium and Hatebreed – 11/28
Unearth would have been ok if it weren’t for their fans. Stupid scene mallcore kids hardcore dancing and two stepping do not belong at a show that Cannibal Corpse is playing! They really weren’t as bad as I thought they would have been though. Still, the idiotic fans drove me and Andrew out to the main lobby of the venue to chat it up.
re: Cynic - Their music does not lend itself to somersaults, jumping around, screaming, throwing up devil horns, or whatever else you may have been expecting. It's about one thing: emotion (and not violent emotions like anger, but introspective reflection, living in the moment and letting your mind become one with the music). It's also about skills, which Cynic showed in spades when I saw them. Having said all this, they did not make my "Best Shows" or "Best Performances" lists this year, because I saw others that were better / more interesting, but they didn't make my "worst" list either (I actually didn't make one, but that's neither here nor there), because I see no reason to hate on them and disrespect their style or skill because they weren't calling for circle pits or trying to get their fans to beat the hell out of each other.

re: Unearth - so you are hating on a band's performance because of their fans? This is really unfair, dude. Say you didn't have a good time at during their set because of the fans if you want (I said the same thing about Winds of Plague, for example), but when you put them on a list like this it just makes it look like you're saying that they suck live (which I don't think is really what you're trying to say).
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