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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
SODO fukkin' M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any idea what songs they added? I can name 10 songs I'd rather hear than some of those damn covers and they're all Agent Orange or earlier. Any idea if they played any of these? I think the 1st 5 are my 5 favorite songs of theirs actually.

Nuclear Winter
Deathlike Silence
Baptism of Fire
My Atonement
Christ Passion
Sodomy & Lust
Persecution Mania
Tired & Red

Or anything other than Wachtturm off of Tapping The Vein? I love that cd too.

After reading the setlist again, I can't really remember exactly what was added. It was so crazy in that tiny club - the place just went nuts when they announced the mystery band as Sodom. The whole set is a blur. I was front dead center and Tom A. kept handing me beers (which is even cooler than normal, considering the price of beer in Norway!)

Anyway, I can't fucking wait for MDF. There were a lot of great bands/performances at HITS, but Sodom absolutely stole the show!
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