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Worst Ten Live Bands (for those that care lol)

10. Krisiun – Opening for Destruction – 3/26

This bad really bored me, especially since I saw four bands in a row before them that really kicked ass. I think they were having sound issues too since at times we couldn’t really hear the guitar. Plus what adds to me not liking their set, even though it wasn’t their fault, was that I was basically babysitting two of my friends during this time. One with a fucked up foot due to pitting and one was drunk off his ass. Bad times.

9. Cynic – Opening for DragonForce – 4/15
Yeah, I got a lot of shit for not liking their performance but they should have been better. There music was pretty good technical but nothing too exciting. What really turned me off to this bad was that they were stiffs on stage. They put no effort to put on at least somewhat of a show. I have never seen a band that looked that uncomfortable on stage before in my life!

8. Bleeding Through – Opening for Satrycon – 10/8
We were in the back rooms where the merch booths were and right when we heard this band start playing we knew that the secret Toxic Holocaust show happening in East L.A. would be better so we walked out of the show. I saw the chick in the band though. She’s hott I’ll give her that!

7. Unearth – Opening for Trivium and Hatebreed – 11/28
Unearth would have been ok if it weren’t for their fans. Stupid scene mallcore kids hardcore dancing and two stepping do not belong at a show that Cannibal Corpse is playing! They really weren’t as bad as I thought they would have been though. Still, the idiotic fans drove me and Andrew out to the main lobby of the venue to chat it up.

6. Lacuna Coil – Headline Show – 7/22
Wow what a huge let down! Not only was this the worst show of 2009, but the worst show of my life! All the openers sucked and I was praying that Lacuna Coil would make up for that. Well, they didn’t! Their set was ok at best but I was so bored from the opening bands that they really needed to go all out for me to regain interest. They failed. Horrible concert.

5. Pop Evil – Opening for Judas Priest – 8/2 & 8/8

How out of place was this band! Judas Priest made a huge mistake taking Pop Evil out on tour with them! I don’t think a single song of theres was appreciated by anyone in the crowd at both my nights, let alone the whole tour! This band is all pop, but no evil.

4. Coheed and Cambria – Opening for Heaven and Hell – 8/11
See Pop Evil, but worse. This bad was more out of place then the before mentioned. Pretty much the whole crowd around me looked bored during there set. I must admit, some of their songs were pretty good, but what killed it for me was the horrible Trooper cover. The sad part about it, a lot of the crowd applauded it! Memorable moment during there set were these two guys a couple rows in front of me that were all bromancing it during there set. They were having a blast and singing all the songs and even holding each others hands while singing too. Very strange.

3. Seventh Void - Opening for Lacuna Coil – 7/22
Ok here comes the pain. The next three bands made the Lacuna Coil show the worst I’ve ever been to. Seventh Void was the least sucky out of the three and I got free French fries during their set so that’s why they get placed third.

2. Dommin – Opening for Lacuna Coil – 7/22
My friend that I had gone with said that these guys were pretty good. Boy was he wrong. After the first song I knew I was in for a long night. My hopes for what was to be a metal show, or maybe even a hard rock show, were shattered by this band.

1. Kill Hannah – Opening for Lacuna Coil – 7/22

Please kill this band! Why were they on the bill! I really don’t want to get into this so just look them up on youtube if you dare.
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