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Top 10 Opening Bands

10. Behemoth – Opening on second stage at Mayhem Festival – 7/12
Arriving at The Glen Helen Pavilion late, I was scared of missing this band. After the long line I hurried inside to the second stages, even leaving my friend behind. I made it just in time to see these guys and wow did they bring it! The whole grass area for this stage became a brutal war zone while Behemoth played. Their energy onstage was felt up close or far away. They seemed very out of place on this bill with the metalcore bands but they still put on a hell of a performance.

9. Chimaira – Opening for Hatebreed and Trivium– 8/18 & 11/28
These two concerts raised my total Chimaira shows from 3 to 5. The first time I saw this band they were an opening act which I had never heard of before. But this year, they were better than ever. They brought effects like huge smoke shooter thingies and the new set was perfect. I really wasn’t too into the new album, but I thought the newer songs sounded great live. This band never disappoints opening or headlining.

8. Toxic Holocaust – Opening for Hatebreed and Satrycon - 8/18 & 10/8
Going into the Hatebreed show, I only had Evil Never Dies, and after, I knew I had to get the rest. Pitting at this show during Nuke The Cross with my future Girlfriend was one of the most fun experiences I had at a show all year! They were only better at the Satrycon show. Their set was longer and the crowd was more intense. This is one of those bands that make me not want to pit, but actually force me to pit. These guys kick ass and I don’t care if Joel Grind has glam hair, he’s a badass.

7. Sonata Arctica – Opening for DragonForce – 9/18
Wow, I actually went to a DragonForce show for the opening band except for the DragonForce themselves. Bought a Sonata Shirt, not a DragonForce one. Shocking I know, but I know for a fact that Sonata Arctica is the better band and I was ready for a treat. They sounded great onstage but lack of older material was a little disappointing, since I had heard their latest two releases. But they still put on a great show and their crowd reaction was great. They had their fans there and I was one of them singing my hearts out.

6. ChthoniC – Opening for Satrycon – 10/8
I have wanted to see these guys (and girl) since 2007 and now I had my chance. Although only a 20 minute set that consisted of only four songs, they still blew me away. Everything about them from beginning to end was absolutely breathtaking. They had their Taiwanese fans in the audience that threw there little paper things like in they do at the concerts at Taiwan. Made me feel like I was in their home country. Doris was beautiful as ever and my “I love you Doris” chants were lost in a crowd of many others chants of the same words. Freddy is such a presence on stage and Dani’s drums amazed me. Please please please come back to America as a headliner!!!

5. Austrian Death Machine – Opening for Children of Bodom – 10/11
Hell of fun! Going into this I thought they were going to be some kind of senseless hardcore band trying to be funny. Boy was I wrong. This band did what an opener should do, and that’s get the crowd pumped for the headliner. The Arnold guy was awesome and all the other band members and their gimmicks were great too. Crowd surfed and Arnold gave me a high five! Awesome moment! Oh and I ate shit with my then girlfriend in the pit. Made a fool of myself haha

4. Exodus – Opening for Kreator – 5/1
Exodus opening for Kreator!!!! What kind of wet dream is this!?!? They were great. Felt like I was at an Exodus headlining show. They drained my energy that I was saving for Kreator. Headbanging with San Diego metalheads was fun and their crowds are just as good as L.A. crowds. Only bad part was that Rob Dukes is an asshole. Everything else was just amazing.

3. Mantic Ritual – Opening for Destruction & Pro-Pain – 3/26 & 7/11
For the ProPain show, me and Andrew went just for these guys nobody else. Paid full price to see an opening act! And it was well worth it. Since seeing them back in 08, I knew I had discovered a badass new band. When they opened for Destruction, they killed the place, when they opened for Pro-Pain, they stole the show. After their set, they signed my CD and kicked it with us at the merch table. Great guys and I wish them luck in the future.

2. Cannibal Corpse – Headlining second stage at Mayhem Festival and Opening for Hatebreed & Trivium – 7/12 & 11/28
CANNIBAL FUCKING CORPSE!!! Their set at mayhem was the first one that I was actually scared at! Couldn’t headbang in one place for long because when you look up somehow you end up in the middle of the pit. These guys destroyed the mayhem fest crowd. Before their set while Trivium was playing, the crowd erupted in fuck Trivium chants. None of those fans wanted in the chaos that would follow. Same thing at the palladium show. They just destroyed the place. The pits were just too brutal for me and the crowd surfers were plentiful. I was one of them. I need to see these guys headline for sure. I just hope I survive that!

1. Warbringer – Opening for Kreator & Megadeth – 5/1 & 12/12
Wow where to begin with this band? Back in May when I saw the open for Kreator I had never heard their music. Being on the rail for them was great, especially seeing John Kevil dominate the stage. It wouldn’t be until December when I got to see them again, this time open for Megadeth. Great news in the morning finding out that Suicide Silence wasn’t going to be playing and that Warbringer was going to be playing an hour set. They proved to the Las Vegas crowd that thrash metal is still alive and well! Even though a big disaster happened to me at this show during Megadeth’s set, I still considered this show to be a success just because of this bands set!
Thank satan for Warbringer!
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