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Originally Posted by bassmasta257 View Post
why is Never Know Why only on one of thesethat song is amazing
That is a cool tune but it's not even close to being as special as some of Ozzy's classic songs. That song isn't even the best one on TUS.

For my dream set i'll just put down the Ozzy playlist I have on my iPod.

Bark At The Moon
Shot In The Dark
Over The Mountian
I Don't Know
I Don't Wanna Change The World
Revelation (Mother Earth)
Perry Mason
Flying High Again
Killer Of Giants
Bloodbath In Paradise
Suicide Solution
Thank God For The Bomb
No Easy Way Out
Road To Nowhere
Fire In The Sky
The Ultimate Sin
Goodbye To Romance
Mr. Crowley
No More Tears
You Can't Kill Rock N Roll
Crazy Train
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