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Danzig -- Sayerville, NJ -- December 26th, 2009

I know it's a week late but post-Christmas happenings has kept me from my computer lately so here we go. First of all what an amazing this this was, holy crap what a good time I had. Okay doors were 7, so I left my house in Eatontown at around 7:30 and got to the Starland Ballroom at around 8:10ish. Waited on line in the cold and rain for about 10 minutes before getting inside. Missed Seventh Void which kinda sucks because it's Kenny and Johnny from Type O Negative and I love Type O, so I was bummed that I missed them but it's all good because It's a Danzig/ Misfits reunion show!!

First band I saw was Gorgeous Frankenstein, which featured Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Dr. Chud! They kicked ass, I enjoyed their songs and after their set of original songs they brought Michale Graves on stage and they played 4 Misfits covers! Some songs they announced but a few songs I wasn't 100% sure of the names. Overall 8.5/10
Gorgeous Frankenstein
Valley of Shadows
Mark of The Beast
Hands On
Reverse of God
Mother Night
Land of The Dead
Virgin Sacrifice
Lost In Space
Scarecrow Man
The Shining

Finally, after what seemed like a 30 minute wait Danzig hit the stage and what can I say, he is awesome. I saw him last year with Skeletonwitch, Winds of Plague and Dimmu Borgir but his performance was a lot better this time around. After his set and what had to have been a 10 minute wait he came back on stage but this time he was joined by DOYLE and they played only 2 Misfits songs which was awesome but kind of a let down after the build up. Overall 9.25/10
Intro. Wotans Procession
1. SkinCarver
2. Twist Of Cain
3. Am I Demon
4. Tired of Being Alive
5. Her Black Wings
6. Long Way Back From Hell
7. How The Gods Kill
8. Do You Wear the Mark
9. It's Coming Down
10. Brand New God
11. Satans Crucifiction
12. Bringer Of Death
13. Unspeakable
14. Black Angel, White Angel
15. Mother
16. Skulls
17. Die, Die My Darling

So, overall it was an amazing show with a lot of surprises and the 6 Misfits songs that these guys played were better then a whole set that the current "Misfits" play. Hopefully one day the real Misfits will reunite and do a tour...
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